A Dominican company, located in Santo Domingo, is manufacturing a “Mamajuana” destined for international markets, which is already arriving in France and other nationalities.

It is a distilled product, which has been on the market for two years, and has no roots inside.

“You test it today and test it next year and it’s the same product, contrary to the sticks, you have to throw rum, you have to throw honey, and if you throw the same measure,” said Daniel Beltre, one of the two brothers owners of this factory located in Santo Domingo, on Avenida Jacobo Majluta, near the El Higuero Airport.

He explained that the “palo de Brasil” is used to age the rum and give the flavor of the “Mamajuana”. It is a family business of the Beltre brothers, who are the only manufacturers in the market and whose brand has registered with the name La Hispaniola.

It is sold in tourist “Giftshop” and is being sold in the United States, where in New York, “it has been a scandal”, because Dominicans like it.

It is also exported to New Jersey, Manhathan, Miami and Massachusetts, where they carry five containers per year (2009). Also to Canada (Alberta), Colombia, Haiti, Chile, Spain, and Holland.

It is embarking to Spain, taking advantage of the EPA, where they have carried 60,000 liters in two months. They produce 60,000 boxes per month.


Cándida Acosta
Paris, France
Fuente: https://listindiario.com/economia/2010/10/26/163971/la-mamajuana-dominicana-llega-a-paris-francia

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